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Who is Ralfy?


Name: Ralf Mitchell (“Ralfy”)


Year of Birth: 1962


Place of Residence: Glasgow, Scotland / Isle of Man


Profession: Undertaker


Whisky Involvement: Video commentator on Youtube


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The internet has the power to turn a simple person into a celebrity. A Glasgow undertaker named Ralf Mitchell did something a little bit uncommon and all of a sudden found himself confronted with a level of publicity that he would never have expected.


Ralf Mitchell is a Scottish whisky lover who makes highly educational, quirky and cut-through-the-bullshit YouTube videos (vlogs as he likes to call them) about his beloved drams, distilleries and how best to enjoy his national drink. From the comfort of his kitchen and latterly his damp and draughty barn, Ralfy takes you through over 700 whiskies and distilleries with plenty of good banter along the way.

You get the opportunity to learn something new about whisky because Ralfy loves to spice up his vlogs with bits of general and useful whisky knowledge. Nevertheless, his often stated aversion against industrial treatment of whisky with caramel or chill filtration.


On the 15th of february 2019 we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of ralfydotcom reviews ! Congratulations Ralfy ! 



Ralfy's best scoring whiskies:


N° 1

St Magdelene 19yo distilled in 1979 from Rare Malts Selection @ 63.8%vol with a Malt Mark of 97/100 


Whiskybase link to this whisky : https://www.whiskybase.com/whiskies/whisky/3244/st-magdalene-1979


N° 2

- Mortlach 19yo distilled in 1988 (signatory cask strength collection) bottled at 59.6%  with  a top malt mark of  95/100 


Whiskybase link to this whisky : https://www.whiskybase.com/whiskies/whisky/2442/mortlach-1988-sv


- Ardmore 20yo @ 54.0%  bottled for Forty-nine Wine and Spirit Club 50th Anniversary (bottled by Signatory Vintage) : 95/100


Whiskybase link to this whisky : www.whiskybase.com/whiskies/whisky/34785/ardmore-20-year-old-sv



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